The Dorset School of Biodanza

The Dorset School was founded by Mike Skilbeck (Director), aka 'Niraj' in 2008 and has been offering life-affirming, dance events and training ever since. In 2016, Julia Hope Brightwell joined the then solo Director as a Didactic teacher and in 2019 Julia, aka 'Jewell', joined Niraj as a Co-director of the school.

The Dorset School is quite unique, as it one of the few residential schools. This creates quite a different experience in the training. At one level, it is generally more personally nourishing: delicious meals cooked for you, time to socialise and relax with the group, a retreat in nature and no need to travel during the weekend. The fact the training & accommodation is in one place means the need to deal with the busy and frantic pace of the world is suspended and you have more time to integrate the considerable beneficial effects of Biodanza.

Mike Skilbeck, aka, Niraj
Julia Hope Brightwell,
aka 'Jewell'

  • Our weekends start on Friday evening with dinner and then a full two hour vivencia to integrate the group and really arrive. This session will later be used for you to gain your first experience of teaching practice.

  • Reliable start and finish times and adherence to that schedule. 

  • Fresh, clean country air. No noise pollution and located within beautiful natural surroundings, which will often permit outdoor vivencias.

  • Saturday night entertainment option.

  • We close on Sunday afternoon about 4:30/5pm with a sharing circle - learning to find words together for our experiences of heart, body & soul

The International Dorset School Festival

Trainee Teachers from Cycle 4

The Dance of Life, is just that - it is an experiential way of connecting more deeply with all your innate potentials

that are part of being fully alive and connected to the joy of living, moment to moment. You don't have to be a dancer to enjoy this journey, though a music lover probably is a prerequisite. The effects of releasing tension, listening to the body, partnering your body and honouring your needs are magical for many. In the weekend you get to experience the vital energy of living that inspires you to be more your authentic, fully lived self - this has ripple effects after the weekends....... some take up the work they have always loved, some create more fulfilling relationships, health improves for others.... it is a school for life. Why would you miss this opportunity to fully embrace the gifts you have left buried? Lets uncover them together in the holding space of the group, the Biodanza community: where heart connection, reverence and respect are the ties that bind us.

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