Dance Connection Weekends

Dance Connection Training and Dance Journey Weekends began at the end of October 2020. The Dance weekends allow a deeper immersion into movement, expression, communication and being residential are wholly nourishing - delicious meals, beautiful locations and social time. Please enquire with Julia :

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Julia Hope Brightwell,
aka 'Jewell'
Delicious Meals

  • Our weekends start on Friday evening with dinner,  followed by a welcome meeting & dance session. 

  • Each day there are dance components and learning components.

  • Fresh, clean country air. No noise pollution and located within beautiful natural surroundings, with places to relax, walk and socialise.

  • Saturday night entertainment option

  • Finishing Sunday afternoon about 4:30/5pm, with the last meal being Sunday lunch.

Weekends can be enjoyed as an immersion in the Dance Connection methods and exploration of your own expression and movement capacity. The central focus is 'partnering your body' - listening to what it wants - moving with sympathy to its capacity and needs. Dance Connection values our interdependence and interconnection and we will explore ways of empathically communicating; dances that connect us to the living world of nature, ancestry, archetypes and central principles of balance (such as Yin/Yang; The Elements and balance itself).


 To access the Teacher Training Programme the minimum attendance is 6 Themes of the Dance Journey.