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The next teacher training cycle will commence in January 2020 - why not try a weekend as a supporter to see this year's trainee teachers culminating this amazing journey - speak to them about their experience. You don't need to want to become a teacher to gain from this amazing journey - speak to those who choose to come every month as a dancer. All details 

Supporter's Weekends:

27th-29th Sept 2019 , Osho Leela ,  Thorngrove House, Common Mead Lane, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 4RE.      Telephone 01747 821221.     Email:

8th-10th Nov 2019, Monkton Wyld, Monkton Wyld Court, Elsdon’s Lane, Charmouth, Bridport. Dorset, DT6 6DQ. For information or to book contact: Email:

6th-8th Dec 2019, Monkton Wyld, Monkton Wyld Court, details as above.


A warm welcome awaits at the  Dorset School of Biodanza, from the team: Director - Mike Skilbeck, aka Niraj;  Didactic teacher - Julia Hope Brightwell, aka Jewell; and the beautiful school group that regularly attends.

Whether you are interested in training to become a Biodanza teacher or just want to experience the richness that is Biodanza, you are welcome to our school weekends (except for Methodology). 

Join us and immerse yourself in the dance of life. Bring joy, expansiveness and expression to centre stage of your existence! Open to the love, tenderness, affection, nurture and nourishment available from intimate human interaction on all levels: emotional, physical and spiritual.

Biodanza is an opportunity to express and fulfill your potential in the areas of Vitality, Creativity, Sexuality, Affectivity and Transcendence. Journey towards health, happiness and pleasure in being alive and towards fundamental well-being.

School Weekends 2019:

Please contact administrator Kate for the Dorset school, to book any weekends not at Osho Leela, or or call 07720446648

For weekends at Osho Leela , contact them direct

All weekends are residential. fully catered at Osho Leela and Monkton Wyld, semi-catered at Magdalen Farm and Stock Gaylard/Lydlinch Hall- for more details visit or contact Niraj or Jewell.


5-7th April: 'Transcendence' at Lydlinch Village Hall, yurt accommodation Stock Gaylard (experience essential, contact Niraj)

3-5th May: 'Ars Magna' at Lydlinch Village Hall, yurt accommodation Stock Gaylard (experience essential, contact Jewell)

7-9th June: Methodology 1 : School group teachers only 

12-14th July: Methodology 2 : School group teachers only 

9-11th Aug: Methodology 3 :School group teachers only 

27-29th Sept: Methodology 4, Osho Leela : open to supporters -  be taught by our trainee teachers

4-6th Oct: Ars Magna TBC

Oct date TBC, venue TBC: The Minotaur. : face your fears & blocks

8-10th Nov , Monkton Wyld: Methodology 5 - open to supporters, be taught by our trainee teachers

6-8th Nov , Monkton Wyld: Methodology 5 - open to supporters, be taught by our trainee teachers

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