The Dorset School of Biodanza





The next teacher training cycle will commence in March 2020 (subject to enough students)-  You don't need to want to become a teacher to gain from this amazing journey - some people choose to come every month just for their own self-development and well-being. More details email 


A warm welcome awaits at the  Dorset School of Biodanza, from : Co-Director- Julia Hope Brightwell, aka Jewell; and the beautiful school group that regularly attends. Visiting teachers include Paola Jardim and Milarepa Malc Burgin. Co-Director and Founder of the Dorset School of Biodanza, Niraj, Mike Skilbeck is teaching abroad in 2020, but may join us in 2021.

Whether you are interested in training to become a Biodanza teacher or just want to experience the richness that is Biodanza, you are welcome to our school weekends (except for Methodology - these are for those wishing to learn how to teach the form). 

Join us and immerse yourself in the dance of life. Bring joy, expansiveness and expression to centre stage of your existence! Open to the love, tenderness, affection, nurture and nourishment available from intimate human interaction on all levels: emotional, physical and spiritual.

Biodanza is an opportunity to express and fulfill your potential in the areas of Vitality, Creativity, Sexuality, Affectivity and Transcendence. Journey towards health, happiness and pleasure in being alive and towards fundamental well-being.

Dates frozen until Coronavirus ban lifted:


1) 27-29th March, Defining Biodanza and the Theoretical Model with Jewell - postponed

No weekend April, 

2) 1-3rd May, The “Vital Unconscious” and the Biocentric Principle with Jewell

(international festival 10-14th June) 

3) 26-28th June,  Human Movement  with Paola Jardim

4) 24-26th July, The “Vivencia” with Milarepa  

No weekend Aug, 

5) 4-6th Sept,  Biological Aspects of Biodanza with Paola 

6) 2-4th Oct, Psychological Aspects of Biodanza with Jewell

7) 30th Oct -1st Nov, Identity and Integration with Jewell 

8) 4-6th Dec. ,    Physiological Aspects of Biodanza with Milarepa 



9) 15-17th Jan, Vitality with Milarepa

10) 19th-21st Feb,  Affectivity with Jewell

11) 19th- 21st March, Creativity with Jewell

12) 16th-18th April, Sexuality with Paola Jardim

13) 14th-16th May, Transcendence with TBC

No weekend June

14) 2-4th July, Ars Magna – Biodanza as a Healing Art with Jewell
 No weekend in August

15) 17th - 19th Sept, Contact and Caresses with Jewell

16) 15th - 17th Oct, Mechanisms of Action with Paola Jardim

 17) 12th- 14th Nov, Trance and Regression  with TBC
 18) 3-5th Dec, Biodanza & Social Action with Milarepa



19) 14th-16th Jan, Mythical and Philosophical Aspects of Biodanza with TBC


Methodologies -  learn how to teach

20) 11-13th Feb, Methodology I: The Music of Biodanza & Musical Semantics with TBC

21) 11th-13th March, Methodology II: The Biodanza Session I with Jewell

22) 15th-17th April, Methodology III: The Biodanza Session II with Jewell

23) 13th-15th May, Methodology IV: The Courses and Workshops with Jewell

No weekend June

24) 1st-3rd July, Methodology V: The Biodanza Group with TBC

No weekend August

25) 9th-11th Sept, Methodology VI: Individual Evaluation in Biodanza with Jewell

26) 14th-16th Oct, Methodology VII: The official list of exercises, instructions and music of Biodanza & Applications & Extensions with TBC