Dance Connection



To open & stimulate pathways to a life well lived through dance, movement and connection, employing the principles of interdependency and interconnection.


We work with self -awareness through the language of music and movement to give the opportunity to realise our authentic connection, expression and communication.


Educational Methodology:

Education for wellbeing
Education for expression
Education for the language of connection Education for musicality


Learning is experiential, somatic, affective and cognitive - which brings self- awareness of the way our body moves and expresses; and awareness of how this connects, communicates and contributes to our own and others wellbeing.

The Dance Connection class 

The session contains components:

●  Warm up

●  Activation

●  Expression

●  Deceleration

●  Inner Connection and Stillness

●  Reactivation


Each component offers movement language to experiment and explore a new pathway for connection, expression and communication. Methods of dance, movement, gesture and posture are included.


Modes of relating:

Solo dances

The Dance Pathway:

The Dance pathway is geared to help you partner your body and listen, learning to recognize your sensing system: the gut instinct; emotional indicators; physical indicators, intuition and sense of well-being. Exploration of Laban’s analysis of movement gives vocabulary for expression. Verbal communication will be grounded in embodiment.

The Dance & Training journeys

The learning process is experiential and somatic, an exploration of your own life journey through dance, movement and communication. Sharing is based on the Circle Way & The Way of Council and Empathic communication and Reflective Listening will be used, inspired by nonviolent communication.


The Dance Journey Weekends

For anyone wanting to deepen the compassionate and creative connection with themselves and others through dance and movement - the embodiment of a life well lived! This is a stand-alone year. A minimum attendance is of 6 of these weekends to access the Teacher Training Programme. 

Teacher Training Programme


For anyone wishing to continue the journey in order to share this system professionally. The programme is tailored to deepen the theoretical background of Dance Connection, its methodology and practice in readiness to lead Dance Connection pathways/ classes.

The Themes for the Dance Journey Weekends: 


Theme 1: Introduction to Movement, Dance Connection & ways of communicating: 30th Oct - 1st Nov, 2020 with Jewell

Theme 2: How the body moves: 4th-6th Dec 2020 with Jewell & Sue


Theme 3: Health and wellbeing through movement and dance: 21st-23rd May 2021 with Jewell

Theme 4: How the body expresses itself - expressing yourself honestly: 11th-13th June 2021with Jewell

Theme 5: How the body cares for itself2nd-4th July 2021 with Jewell

Theme 6: Dancing the Elements and Yin and Yang: 30th July - 1st Aug with Jewell & Sue

Theme 7: How the body cares for others: 3rd-5th Sept 2021 with Jewell & Tracy

Theme 8: How the body contributes : 29th-31st Oct 2021 with Jewell

Theme 9: Myths, Archetypes and the Hero’s journey (must have attended 3 other themes before attending this) :10th-12th Dec 2021: with Jewell


Theme 10: Celebrating Our Uniqueness: 8th to 10th April with Jewell


Theme 11: Creative expression through dance, voice and percussion (planned date: 3rd-5th Jun) with Jewell & Sue

Theme 12: Dance of the Numinous Ordinary (planned date: 29th-31st Jul) with Jewell & Anita 

Theme 13: Living in Gratitude

Theme 14: Dance and Nature

Theme 15: Rhythm and the Earth

Theme 16: Fire, Passion & Living in Courage

Theme 17: Myths and Nature

Theme 18: Connection

Facilitating Dance Connection - Teacher Training Programme

Presently we are in the process of training the first batch of Dance Connection teachers. 


Teacher Training Programme is in process of being altered and may not be as below.

Each weekend will include a mixture of applied theory, dance, underpinning theory, discussion and sharing as fitted to the aim of the weekend. Later weekends will include teaching practice.

Module 1: Dance Connection's Foundations. Brief History of Dance. Revisiting How the body moves. Psychology, dance language and communication.

Module 2: The Educational methodology of Dance Connection; The session : components and exercises.

Module 3: The power of music and musical semantics.

Module 4 & 5:How to create sessions using the exercises and music.

Module 6, 7 & 8: Teaching practice - group feedback, collaboration, teaching visitors.

Module 9: Ceremony of completion, certification and celebration.

Extension: How to work with dance, movement and connection in varied contexts and environments e.g. schools, organisations, 1 to 1 sessions, dance breaks, on line.

All enquiries for the Dance Journey Weekends or Dance Connection Facilitator Training: