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Dance Workshops



Day workshops are a place to immerse yourself in dance/ movement. 

The Day plan:


Dance Pathway


Dance Pathway


The Body Needs To Move!


Dance Connection -

A Restorative Movement Practice


Dance for expression

Dance to connect

Explore movement vocabulary

Explore balance

Relaxation time

Dance for rejuvenation

Dance for wellbeing

Dance for health

Dance for joy


St Mary's Church House Hall, Bridport

St Mary's Church House Hall, bridport

Full Day Workshops



Early Bird £35 (plus booking fee)

(Booked 10 or more days before any day)

Full Price £45 (plus booking fee)

Immerse yourself - have fun, be connected, and support your wellbeing, develop resilience, and celebrate joie de vivre.

Half Days        Full price £23 (including booking fee)

Morning, 11am -1pm

Afternoon, 2pm-4pm

(please arrive 10 mins before sessions)

​- subject to availability (whole day attendance takes precedence)​

Sundays in 2024

11th February,  14th April, 19th May, 14th July, 15th September, 13th October & 17th November.

Next Dance Day:

Sunday 14th April 2024 - Spring Into Life

The pathways will include the mini-theme, set around the Spring season - new life, growth, energy, vitality, nature elements - theme-based dances and movement invitations which are set within the balanced pathway.

Morning only - you are welcome to stay and be with whole day dancers for lunch.

Full Price - 4th - 13th April
Morning Only 

Afternoon Only 

Upcoming Dance Day:

Sunday 19th May 2024 - Dance, Voice, & Percussion

The pathways will include the mini-theme, set around exploring voice and percussion with dance and movement. No ability to sing needed, just a willingness to explore. If you have percussion instruments you want to bring please do.

Some of the dances and exploration will not have recorded music - our voice and the percussive instruments will be the accompaniment.

Morning only - you are welcome to stay and be with whole day dancers for lunch.

Early Bird - before 9th May
Full Price - 10th - 18th May

Morning Only 

Afternoon Only 

What to bring

Packed lunch, water bottle, blanket, cushion.

Wear layered clothing.


St Mary's Church House Hall,

South Street,



Google Map



11:00am to 4:00pm

(Doors open 10:45 am)


£35 Early Bird 

(10 or more days before)

£45 Full Price

(less than 10 days before)

if payed by BACS or cash in advance; 'Pay Now' options include service fee

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