Dance Workshops


Day workshops are a place to immerse yourself in dance/ movement. 

The Day plan:







Indoor workshops - start October with Covid protocol 


We are presently looking for a way to hold dance workshops outdoors .....

Watch this space

11th Oct - only 8 places

Due to hall restrictions, Julia is trialing the first Sunday dance with 10 people and a protocol for Covid-19. If you are interested in booking - please email first to check there is a place left and read the guidelines to check you are happy to comply with them. The November date, may have more places depending on October.  or text to 0778775201

Once Dance Workshops can commence again:


All Sunday Workshops at Chudleigh Knighton village hall, 10:15-16:15 

What to bring:
Water, change of clothes (layered clothing is ideal), cushion & blanket. Bottle of water. Soft indoor shoes optional. Packed lunch. (Optional picnic blanket for the garden).


​Booking required or text/email to check if spaces available

***Please note non-refundable once full price is in play, as commitment has then been made to the venue at this point***

Fully refunded if the day is cancelled by the host.

Early bird price £30 10 days before dance day dates & full price from 9 days before £40 BACs payment details on request email, £32 or £42 respectively via Paypal to email as before.

What will the day be like?  

Each day is balanced within itself, equally revitalizing and relaxing. It follows the dance pathway of activation; loosening up; expressing; deceleration; inner connection and re-activation.  With a mixture of individual, pair, small group and whole group dances. 

AM: 10:15am to 12:30. Opening circle, then movement session
Lunch: 12:30 to 1:45pm, this includes time for a rest/nap
PM: 1:45 to 4:15pm.  Sharing in the group, a further movement session followed by a closing circle,

The Village Hall,

Plymouth Road,

Chudleigh Knighton,

TQ13 0HJ

Scheduled Dance Sunday Dates:
Starting again in October.
11th Oct; 15th Nov; 13th Dec
10th Jan; 7th Feb; 7th Mar; 4th Apr; 2nd May; 20th June; 19th Sept; 17th Oct; 14th Nov; 19th Dec
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