Movement sessions via zoom

Due to the covid-19 regulations, dancing sessions are for now remotely taught.

Prepay via Paypal and receive information for the session via email. 

For best results have your device attached to speakers -

the music will come via the hosts computer directly.

Classes are approximately 1hr 15 mins long.

Weekly Movement Sessions for solo dancing via zoom:

Wednesdays 8pm GMT

Thursdays 11am GMT

£10 per session

Fortnightly Movement Sessions for couples via zoom:

Saturdays 7pm GMT - 20th June, 4th & 18th July, 1st , 15th & 29th August

£20 per couple, per session

   4th July             18th July.              1st Aug.                15th Aug.            29th Aug







These movement classes are adapted to be able to be attended from your own home or office.  Julia will guide you through a pathway from a slow warm up where you connect with your body. The intention of the classes is to create a balance linked to the natural flow of life - with active/ rest , outer/ inner parts to the dance pathway. The classes work with rhythm, expression, loosening tensions, connection, fluidity, fun, vitality, integration and relaxation.

Ideally dance barefoot, but if not in soft soled footwear where you can gain maximum feedback from your feet in connection with the floor. You can adapt the dances for the space you have, dance more on the spot of necessary. At the end of the session we will sing a couple of songs which gives a sense of the community who have danced together each session.

 email me at 

Anyone can dance and gain the benefits. Invest in yourself - only you can !

24th June 8pm.                   25th June 11am.                     1st July 8pm.                       2nd July 11am
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