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Dance Connection is a movement form that gives pathways to the expression of our human life. The way we embody life helps us to feel more comfortable in our own skin and realise our full potential. Dance and music, married together can transport us in ways that are transformative , even miraculous. The language of dance existed before the written language, as seen on cave paintings - it is a universal language for all, with many gifts to offer.


Authenticity results from a congruence between your body, mind and spirit. Dance Connection supports us in connecting: to ourselves, others, the world at large. The intention of Dance Connection is to open and stimulate pathways to a life well lived, employing the principles of interdependence and interconnection.


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Dance Connection supports the development and integration of the whole person. Physiological benefits of dance are well known - improving fitness, flexibility, physical resilience and stamina - improving overall health. What isn't very well known about dance is how it also can regulate, restore, balance and support the nervous system, through dances that are geared to decelerate, calm and relax. The sense of community that builds during a course of classes or a year dance journey is incomparable  - imagine the understanding we have from the silent language of dance shared.


Dance Connection develops well-being, emotional resilience and empathic connections between people - it is a universal language and we often express so much more without words - this is why some psychologists say body language contributes about 55% toward communication and the tone of the voice about 38%. Movement brings us into greater awareness of the way the body moves, expresses and connects us to our emotions, personality and life experience. 


Dance Connection is geared to create balance - life exists in contrasting opposites: e.g.  work and play; activity and rest; inner and outer; masculine and feminine. The dance sessions are developed to offer pathways to develop balance, deep listening to the body and expression. The sessions move through a dance pathway of activation; loosening/ freeing up; expression; deceleration; inner connection and re-activation to connect with the environment again.


In life socially we need to traverse different experiences , so the sessions include individual dances, pair dances, small group dances and whole group dances to allow us to experience all that it is to be human. 

About Julia Hope Brightwell, aka Jewell

Julia's dancing background:


Julia Hope Brightwell has always loved dancing, from the days 

as a teenager at discos through to the present day as a Didactic

teacher. Her background spans exploration through Ceroc

(Modern Jive), expressive dance, 5 Rhythms, Movement 

Medicine, Biodanza and now Dance Connection.


"I love the way I can bring all of me to the dance", explains Julia.

"I adore music and am amazed at how it can transport me into

so many different places. I believe a great amount of my 

emotional resilience is down to the effects of regular dance



"For me Dance has transformed my life, it has freed me 

from self-limiting conditioning and made me more confident 

to just be myself - vulnerable, sensitive, expressive and with

a rediscovered humour and lightness of being".

What brought Julia Hope Brightwell

to create Dance Connection? 

Julia's motivation was to create something that was accessible to all, through a robust simple structure and an adaptability. This desire arose from a knowing of the benefits of dance: health and wellness, emotional resilience, the development of social intelligence, a place to celebrate in community and a pathway that opened people up to a life well lived. I approached my friend Tracy Seed and together we bolted down the methodology in 2020.

Julia has a psychology degree and was a Montessori teacher for 10 years and knows that we all have an innate potential, that if listened to, is a compass for unfoldment into living the life you were born to live. Julia was a Biodanza Didactic Teacher and has utilised this experience to create a supportive form.


Dance is a universal language, that has been participated in for centuries - why? It has a deep connection to our mind, body, heart and soul. It is a way of connecting : connecting with our body, our emotions, our spirit, our soul. 

People often say - "I am not a dancer", "I have 2 left feet", "my body isn't a dancer's body" - yet everyone can dance whatever the movement level there is in the body if you consider dance to be moving and connecting to music and occasionally just yourself without music. There are no set steps in Dance Connection, just indicators and instructions to help get the most out of certain dances, but ultimately the partnership with your body and its response to the music is central.

Julia has been teaching dance & movement since 2008 and is also a keen ceramicist & artist.

Julia's love of all music gives her an enthusiasm for all its expressions and as an impetus for dance and movement. 

Julia Hope Brightwell
Originator, Co-Founder & Teacher
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Tracy Seed
Co-Founder & Teacher

Tracy has worked with dance and movement embodiment practices

for over 20 years. She has a background in Early years and Post Compulsory Education, Counselling, Coaching, NLP, Biodanza and Nonviolent Communication​


email: tracy@tracyseed.com

Anita has worked in the field of performing Arts for over 30 years. As a performer, teacher, facilitator and at times a story teller. Her work has been in educational and therapeutic settings. She specialises in using dance, drama, movement and voice to release the creative potential innate in us all.

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Anita Scorer
Founding Member & Teacher
Sue James
Founding Member 
& Teacher

Sue has been teaching dance and  movement for 9 years and specialises in voice work. Sue shares "My life has been one where music, movement, dance and meditation has been a huge part of this journey."​